im addicted to smuckers pb&j sandwiches

why do bananas taste so much better when sliced

got back from the dermatologist, she’s scheduling a skin biopsy to remove and test the spot from my scalp

hair will never grow in the area she’s removing it from again, so I will have to completely change my part

I’m really nervous :(




Babe im not grabbin ur boob im grabbin ur heart 

thats my right boob tho


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Please let yourself be proud of small things. Please do that. Please allow yourself to get really excited about playing a video game well or sending an ask you were nervous about or letting a bug outside or peeling the whole orange in one try. Please get so excited about that. Please. That’s so cool I’m so glad you did it.

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dermatology appointment for the sun spot or whatever its called on my scalp

and I am super scaredddd help lol

so today marks day #5 of my playstation suspension

april 22 hurry up…..


Playing video games while someone else’s watching


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